Maintanance Support & Upgrade Services

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“Transitioning to the Oracle Cloud helped us save significant investment costs and reduce our end users’ manual, daily reporting and bookkeeping work. We now provide a detailed, flexible ledger record and much more accurate tax reports. We are very happy with the Oracle Cloud.”

Thao Dam
Finance Manager, Saigon Premier Container Terminal

Maintenance Services

1/ Change requirement or new requirement on business processes or/and technical configuration.

2/ Change requirement on Reporting or new requirements on reporting activities


This service is usually take into account after completed implementation project, Customers looking for a professional party to relies on and ensure system running perfectly after gone live or/and help customers during the hand over new system and cut off the old system. Hence, this is what we are going to provide:

  • Business Supporting Activities

1/ Solving incurred issues have not analysed or/and not yet happened during implementation.

2/ Consult and Provide the right solutions if business processes changing demanded.

  • Training & Technical Supporting Activities

1/ Re-train for Key Users & End Users and IT Users if required.

2/ Re-Documentation to capture the current business process, User Manual or /and technical configuration if during the implementation have not yet complete.

3/ Support on technical activities such as: Switching on configuration to match with business changes, Support on technical issue of business automation integrated with Oracle Cloud.


+ Provide specific Plan & Schedule to upgrade the current system to new release

+ Consulting activities on optimization the usefulness of new functional of the new release, advice related configurations and so on.

+ Capture all current customization and business processes before system upgrade to be referenced after upgrade.

+ Test the new release system and mount business processes to the new system analyze and report effective outcome.